Kurt Zouma Cat Makes Him Lose Adidas Sponsorship

Kurt Zouma Cat
The footballer during a past event Photo: Courtesy Source: UGC

Kurt Zouma Cat Costs Him His Sponsorship

A viral video footage of footballer Kurt Zouma  Cat being kicked  surfaced online showed how the footballer was kicking his cat.

The video alledgedly to be from his house was shared online and it brought different views from netizens who were quick to react.

The 37 minutes video showed the footballer alledgedly slapping and kicking the cat. In another view the video showed him chasing the cat around the house.

The animal activists were quick to react to the viral video and this has led Zouma losing his contract with world’s most retailer who were his sponsors,Adidas.

Kurt Zouma Cat has costed him his job  following the video footage of him kicking and slapping one of his cats. Adidas alledgedly ended their contract with him.

He was fined $338,763 by West Ham this morning and his two cats have been taken into care by the RSPCA, a UK animal welfare charity.

Netizens reacted and this is what users said:
That’s horrifying – cats can be the sweetest and most loyal creatures ever and never deserve to be treated like that

This other one said:
Wtf?? Same people that eat animal proteins every single meal now trying to get a nother man jailed for ‘abusing a cat’. First, channel all this energy to fighting racism before you fight for animals.

This one said:
Alonso killed someone with his car – got about £60k fine- playing for Chelsea. Marguire was convicted in Greece for assault and bribery- still captain of Manchester United.
Suarez- £40k for racism
Meanwhile, Kurt Zouma is getting a £250k fine because he kicked a cat!

Another one said:
Do we also lnow what atrocities the cat might have commited or is it more privileged than the humans?

Kurt Zouma Cat
The footballer during a past event
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

This user said:
There’s surely Racism inside,the guy was wrong to slap the cat and to kick it(though the kick looked friendly since cats are strong pets),but the condemnation he is receiving seems like it’s because he is a black man,if it was Messi or Ronaldo he wouldn’t be receiving such.

What do you think about the Kurt Zouma cat abuse that alledgedly costed himillions from his sponsors.



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