Kylie Jenner: Will Fans Guess Work Be A Thing To Get By On Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Rumours? Let’s Get Into It.

Is Kylie Jenner Really Pregnant?

One of the Kardashians family, Kylie Jenner this time have created a very dense tense on social media. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hmmm who knows.

Guess what! Kylie just hitted her 24th year and as usuall as fans we always expect very exclusive photos from families and friend and including herself from her always celebrations which she always give her fans a jab of them.


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And this time, oh no! It was not there. And this gave fans a good reason to conclude the bossette is actually pregnant with baby numbet two. Baby Stormy’s little sibling was on her way.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner golden body from her cosmetics collection.
Photo: Kylie Jenner
Source: Instagram

The beauty celebrated her 24th birthday this weekend and she just posted a golden nude coated with Kylie Cosmetics, her cosmetics collection. Fans have been exepecting more from Kylie and it seems their guesswork will be a thing to go by.

This was because of the photos she uploaded, which were seen in past episodes, and more concerns from fans were on Kylie’s nails. Like she never changed them.

On her birthday Kylie shared photos of past photoshoot to celebrate her birthday and fans were like, why not new photos? This girl must be pregnant.


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And some had these jabs for her:

@riley smith tarcohello 14h
No photos of Kylie Jenner from anyone at her birthday party, no selfies, no
outfit or group photos. She’s definitely pregnant. #kardashianst16

@jblonde 2th
am now a t00% kylie jenner is either 1) pregnant with her second child or
2) in a plastic surgery post op like i have no doubts now i just need to knoww
which one is it3

@beadbyKylie Jenner definitely is pregnant. She def took all her
photos in advanced and just look here…she has the
same nails she wore in June, in her birthday picture she
posted today.

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