Lexi Larson TikTok: Woman Fired After Revealing Her Salary

Lexi Larson a Colorado Woman Fired After Revealing Her Salary

Lexi Larson learns expensive lesson after doing this

A Colorado woman has learned it the hard-way  after what she thought was a normal thing to do. Landed her in the worst chamber  professionally. The  tech worker just lost her job over a new trend called salary transparency challenge.  This is  when people share how much they make from  a job in hopes of empowering other people outside here to get paid what they deserve to get.

The Salary transparency  challenge is usually taboo but the younger generation  of this era has no problem putting their salary out there for the public some perhaps in hopes of going viral. One of them being Lexi Larson,  Lexi Larson revealed her KSh.2000,000 ($20,000) salary raise on the famous  TikTok.

Little did she new that was the end of  the lucrative job she was flaunting online. When her boss caught wind of Lexi Larson video, she says the company questioned her judgment as an employee and this would later see her fired.

I got fired because of my TikTok, they said my TikTok  made them question  my judgment as an employee.

Lexi Larson
The allegedly fired woman
Photo: Lexi Larson

Lexi Larson said she wants a job because she has been fired because of her TikTok  video. Revealing your salary is always a taboo as you never know who is watching or is looking after you. This seemed to be news for this beauty.

Social media reacted to her fate and this is what our outlet managed to gather from users:

This user said:

The problem is all these people on the side of the employer. Don’t you know that the reason companies want salaries secret is to keep pay inequality? It is against the law to fire someone for discussing pay—even if it is in the company’s “policies”. Shady companies keep pay secret and fire employees for sharing.


Another wrote:

If she had other colleagues who never received a raise and they learn about this on TikTok. Work productive and working relationship In the office would have a great impact .


This said:

That is not a legit excuse to terminate her employment. It is ridiculous. Now she can sue them for firing her without her doing anything wrong. Unless she signed a confidentiality  on personal  wages, they have no right to fire her. They were just upset because they wrongfully under pay all their other employees; and now they’re  aware of it.


This commented:

It’s better parting ways with this private company now, rather than wasting any more time with them!!
Seems like they will fire you as soon as you ever speak up about added hours, or get sick!
This advised that:
Never talk about your income unless the courts force you to reveal such a thing. I know it’s a big deal and you want to share your accomplishments, but you put yourself and loved ones at risk.
Hilarious one had  this  to write:
So what’s her next TikTok
This said:
Now you know why you get fired . It’s nobody’s business how’s much you make , if you’re making more good for you . That’s why I’m not sorry for you losing your job . Keep it to yourself girl .
This user gave her opinion:
The only reason employers don’t want us to show our salary to each other is because they wanna keep being able to pick who they provide a higher and lower salary too. It’s only a benefit to the company not its workers.
This is exactly how companies pay people more based on gender, age or other discriminatory categories. Shame on this company.
This poked her:
Really : TikTok got u fired!!(laughs)
Thoughts about Lexi Larson story?

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