Mammito Eunice Cheeky Responds To Andrew Kibe Leaves Fans Amazed!

Mammito Eunice Savage Respond to Andrew Kibe

What’s trending in the internet, it is Andrew Kibe again and guess who?Our very own comediane Mammito Eunice. Andrew Kibe is known to condemn Kenyan Celebrities left, right and centre and he is not even afraid.

He has been blasting several celebrities here and there while some don’t let it go, the likes of Jalango and Kamene Goro. We saw Kamene Goro responding to him in a statement he said that Kamene Goro is a celebrity news presenter but is not in the fore front to address national scandals.

We saw Kamene responding to him with a bang on the head telling him to sto p involving her in the scandles. After that Andrew Kibe could not stop it he went ahead and dissed Mammito Eunice for exposing her body and the comediane came through and responded in a cheeky way with a video which she did.

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The video which was inform of a music video one could easily know what and to whom the song was directed to. Mammito Eunice said that the presenter should direct his anger elsewhere since they don’t even know each other and that they just met in Nairobi.
Check it out.

Mammito Eunice
Mammito and Andrew Kibe
Photo: Courtesy
Photo: Courtesy


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