Man Graduates With PhD 13 Years Later, With Only £250

Man Graduates With PhD 13 Years Later, With Only £250

A linkedIn user has taken internet by storm after posting how determinination and hard work made him graduate with PhD with only £250 pounds 13 years later.

In a statement posted on LinkedIn Ifeanyi Obi, who is a linkedIn user claimed that he left Nigeria in 2008 to go and study his masters degree with only 250 pounds.

He said that he had to eat bread with ketchup and mayonnaise for two years in order to minimise his expenditure.

According to him it was a tough moment for him because he would beg for jobs and in most instances he would squat with friends to get by.

13 years later, he is an Associate Professor of Construction Technology in one of the best Universities In Cyprus. He is also a founder and Director of Harcom Holdings Cyprus which is a fully African owned Limited company in Cyprus, he also owns ObiSoft UK,AH Danismalik Ticareti based in Turkey among others.

Credit: Ifeanyi Obi
Source: LinkedIn

According to him people should remember that their struggles are part of there building and one can make it if they don’t give up.

Here is the post:

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