Man Left In Tears After Girl He Helped Educate Dumps Him.

Phoebe Squanders boyfriend’s money only to dump him 2 months to her graduation .

Man Left In Tears After Girl He Helped Educate Dumps Him.

Have you ever had the saying, “never educate a girl” if you are  the man/his boyfriend and you’re looking forward to settle with her upon school completion? The people who said this never lied.

A Kenyan man have been left in tears after all he invested in came to a fall. The guy as seen in viral video surrounded by several people was seen crying. Can you imagine a whole grown up man must have been so painful to make him reach this level.

According to him he claimed that his now former girlfriend(Phoebe), dumped him only two months before she graduates. The unidentified guy claimed Phoebe had already squandered his whooping 620K. In the emotional funny video which has divided netizens, most inter-users empathized with him as other make fun of him and here is the different thoughts as collected by our writer:

Vera said: Egin phoebe oweye mago tang’o? Ng’ama dichuo ywagre malich kamano because of small small monies yawa? 😅 pesa mimiyo osiep chunyi okindik pich. (That’s why Phoebe has left him,boy-child cries like a baby because of small money)

The poor man
Photo: ugc

this user said: Aila gi to aonge ga gi sympathy kodgi kata matin. Oyud ayuda moro kendo omwuod pese komijinga kamano. Piny masani onge dichuo mawiye ler ma kao ting mar puonjo nyar ng’ato. Onyale kabisa(laughs)(This kind of people have no sympathy, May he get another one who can eat his money well if he is still foolish,no man in this current world can take responsibility of educating a girl because she’s his girlfriend)

and many more others. Sema kufunzwa character development?

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