Meet Khaby Lame, Once A Factory Worker Now Has A Tiktok Star

Who is Khaby Lame?

The famous Khaby Lame was born in Senegal in 2000, the 21 year old rose to fame during the early stages of the pandemic that hitted the world.

Just like any other person around the world, Khaby Lame who before the Corona Virus was a factory worker in Italy and when Corona Virus struck the world, he lost his factory job and had to go back to his family apartment.

Lost in thoughts of what to do next, his Senegalese father would push him to apply other jobs but instead he opted to use his spare time to upload tiktok videos where he was mainly on simple life hacks content.

In the world of new technology to do simple things like peeling a banana with a machine instead of hand khaby Lame opted to take advantage of tiktok duets where he would combine the use of machines to do simple things with a wordless easy to understand videos of him doing the complicated life hacks things naturally.

According to most people his end expressions were what most people felt with, it is his face and expressions made people laugh. It is his which debunks or mocks the overproduced trends that happen across social media network.

Currently he is the most followed Tiktoker in Europe and the second in the world to reach 113 million followers after Charli Darmielo
Let’s not forget that he was once a mason, window washer, waiter. In March 2020, Italy is experiencing its first lockdown and all its dramatic consequences.

Khaby Lame
Khabane Lame
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Some of his videos sometimes exceed 200 million views. But today, he has an agent who manages his partnership requests. He receives up to 500 emails a day for collaboration requests. For a post on his part, which can reach 3 million interactions in a week, he is paid between 70,000 and 180,000 euros.

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An Italian producer even offered him a film script. His dream would one day be to tour with Will Smith and he firmly believes in it. And if he continue doing such like stuff he will will surpass Charli D’amelio who is currently the most followed tiktoker on the platform.

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