Mo Salah gets hated on instagram comments section by fellow Muslims. Find out why?

Mo Salah Hated By Fellow Muslims

Egyptian Mo Salah, who is arguably the best football player at the moment, gets hated by muslims in the comment section of his christmas celebration photos. So incredibly toxic. (Almost every arabic comment is negative against him).

Mo Salah is Egyptian professional footballer that plays as a forward for Premier League club Liverpool and captains the Egypt national team. He has been considered one of the best players in the world, he is known for his finishing, dribbling, and speed.

Mo Salah caught himself in a hot soup of fellow muslims after he posted cute photos of him together with his family in Christmas outfits.

Little did Mo Salah knew that his life would change in the comments section. The photos Mo Salah thought would make his fans happy turned sour after Muslim fellows came guns blazing at him in the comments section.

Most condemned Mo Salah for celebrating Christmas with Christians yet he was Muslim. They termed it as Haram. You might be wondering why they were so angry at Mo Salah after posting that photo.

Chrismas is normally celebrated with mostly Christians. Who celebrates the day Jesus Christ was born. It is this day of 25th December every year that everyone is on a global holiday except other religions.

But it is always concidered a day for everyone to celebrate. Chill, eat and drink with family members. Back to our story the Egyptian footballer that is MO Salah was criticized by Muslim fans for copying Christians culture.

Mo Salah
Mo Salah and family
Photo: MO Salah
Source: instagram

These has brought mixed reactions online with many saying:

bagsynotinnet1 said: World War 3 about to start over what another man chooses to do with his life

itz_abderrahman said: @bagsynotinnet1 it is Haram brother

@toivotoyry said:  right. cause when i did, there were tons.

mo.yo.weal.father said: @bagsynotinnet1 cringey comment

The Almighty said (And they said: Fajerhalqahtani, The Most Gracious has taken a son (88) Indeed, something has come, when (89) The heavens are about to break apart from it, and the earth will split open, and the mountains will be pierced.

The heavens and the earth, but He comes to the Most Gracious as a servant (93) He has singled them out and promised them food (94) and all of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection individually (9 5)

(3 قال تعالى (وقالوا fajerhalqahtani اتخذ ولدا (88) لقد جئثم شيئًا و (89) تكاد السماوات يتفطرن منه وتنشق الأرض وتخز الجبال هذا (90) أن دعوا للرّّخمن (91) وماذا ينبغي للرّخمن أن يتخذ ولدا (92) إن كل من في كل من  السماوات والأرض إلا آتي الرحمن عبدا (93) لقد أخصاهم وعدهم غذائهم (94) وكلهم آتيه يوم القيامة فردا (9) 5)

Closeted_EXmuslim said: World.Closeted Ex-Sunni

This is the type of stuff that makes people leave religion smh…. There’s comments saying they wish he died

Fuugedaboutit OP. said:

The toxic community is one of the biggest reasons I left this backwards religion.

Mo Salah Chrismas
Mo Salah at the pitch
Photo: Courtesy, MS

mastah-yoda said:

The game is mostly team deathmatch. Game is buggy and crashes often. Game manual is badly written, and no one can beat the MOH all-time high score. I think the game doesn’t allow it anyway. Devs need to fix some serious patches. Community is really toxic.

tehPanamaniac said:

F???ck Islam, I’m gonna be real. Born and raised a Muslim and gave the to the religion when I was 15. Takes all the… Well, everything out of life. Sucks this man has to go through this

refreshment1 said:

Radical Muslims be like = Laughing and enjoying is HARAM! Your family must be sad all time.

icatsouki said: Questioning Muslim?

Insert HOTD about laughing and it being bad for the heart or some shit (provably the opposite haha)

overactive-bladder said:

christmas is for everybody.

i like how muslims want everybody to cater to them but then hate on other muslims who are just enjoying themselves.

if a non celebrity muslim was celebrating 3id el fitr they would be praising them.

goes to show the religion is just about conquering, converting and tawhid.

good on that dude for raising his kids by embracing every culture and celebration. the people in the comments don’t want peaceful living. they want everyone to bend to islam.

“islam and hijab are a choice” my ass.

Fuugedaboutit OP • said:

Seeing a muslim imitating a western/”kuffar” holiday makes their blood boil even though it has literally nothing to do with them.

They love to use a hadith that says something along the lines of “whoever imitates a people is one of them”

These people even go as far as to not wish people a merry christmas because then you acknowledge their “false” religion. Like, what? How deranged and negative do you have to be to think like this?
Known_Ad_1791 4h New User

Wasn’t this the same guy who hot hate threads last year?

SethTheSpy said:

Muslims. “Why you hate us? We’re peaceful”


Mo Salah children
Mo Salah and daughter
Photo: Courtesy

Prestigious_Golf_339 said:

There is somebody with a one piece character as their profile saying fuck to someone for celebration Christmas. Have some self awareness lolS

bike_rtw said:

He did it again? Yes!! I love how it triggers all those loser hater incels every year. Trying to feel superior because they
havent achieved .000001% the success this guy has.

fitmati158 said:

Something similar happened to me this year when I had a few arab Muslim fob “friends” get mad at me when I texted them merry Christmas just as a kind gesture (i will say the majority of my friends DIDNT react this way, many of them were nice). I blocked those few cause I don’t need that type of stress or misery. Also I saw a bunch of arab Muslim tiktokers tell their viewers to spam Mo salah’s post about Christmas. Misery really does love company

biggoof said:

Is he happy? Does it hurt anyone? Apparently it does to sensitive Muslims. I not a Christian but we have fun with the festivities.

SpecialRoutine4831 said:

Social Media platforms have to start punishing or banning some people, Islamists’ behavior is apparently toxic and harmful for everyone. However, they probably won’t do something about it because they need the data and the users.

Responsibility Odd35 said:

Every year
Every… Goddamn…. Year

antigravity_96 said:

Why are muslims and hindus very similar in their craziness.

liquidreferee said:

Dude the hate is outrageous. He is simply showing respect for another culture’s tradition which should be totally respected by everyone. I respect Mo, I respect his religion, and respect his decision to participate in the Christmas celebration. It makes him no less of a Muslim.

mayblum said:

Both Hindus and Muslims around the world denounce Christian festivals and Christianity but have only one ambition in life, to migrate to a Christian country like US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Fuugedaboutit OPsaid:

Basically stuff like “it’s not our holiday” “it’s haram what you’re doing” “why would you do this” and so on

uhohmykokoroNever-Muslim Atheist said:
Is he even Muslim or did they just assume he was?

Dragon_ said:

pretty sure he once was seen with a qurana and that after goal he scores he does this pose of praying

Active-Release-8220 said:

The vast majority of Muslims believe there is nothing wrong with celebrating Jesus’s birth. He’s one of the beloved prophets. No different than prophet Mohammad. As an ex Muslim I feel that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are essentially the same region with minor differences that over time became major divides. There are some Muslims who feel celebrating Christmas is a threat to Islamic principles. These folks tend to compromise a small minority within the religion.

Those are some of the many reactions that most fans poured concerning the Mo Salah Chrismas issue.

WMo Salah has not yet discovered it but we as online CIDs we know he is being hated for this. Posting Chrismas photos and celebrating it. What do you think? Share below.


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