Motorbike designer
Sheriff the designer Photo: Courtesy Source: original

Meet this amazing motorbike designer in town

In a post doing round on social media and attracting thousands of comments, we meet Sherif Liuton a young designer woman who amazed many with her designing skills.

Sheriff is a motorbike designer who wowed netizens with her designing skills after posting a picture of her at work in one of the social media groups that focuses on motorbikes.

Her skills sparked reaction on social media users with most of them wanting her to be be their next designer. Most had to ask her for her location to have a piece of their motorbikes redesigned with their colors of choice.

Lying next to a redesigned pink motorbike is Sheriff the motorbike designer and with the ladylike motorbike. One would think it was for a woman and infact she was top notch on it.

Motorbike designer
Sheriff the designer
Photo: Courtesy
Source: original

Social media users had to applaud her work and some had to say this:

Francis Kimani
Waaaah imeweza sana „uko wapi
mrembo nikupee kazi ya kudesign
hii yangu

Mugai Mukami
Blessed hands.Point to note it is
God who gives you power to make
wealth….. Remember Him.

Sam Kim
Keep up the good work.

Street Walker
Maximum respect # Rasta gal

Lavoxti Mulwa
Mpango fully mbona

Totoletting Lonaa
Uko wapi aki rembo nikujoin kwa
hiyo job

Those are just some but a many of the comments, what do you think of this?



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