Moya David Spa : Famous And Smart

A look inside Moya David Spa : Famous And Smart

Moya David Spa : Famous And Smart

So nowadays youths are known to live that flashy life from the gains of being famous. Driving expensive cloths, jewelry and wearing designer cloths in the name of pleasing their fans.

Have you ever wondered why someone just become famous gaining money from ambassadorial contracts and living life to its fullest unapologetically. Most youths end up squandering money they earn without thinking ahead.

This is not the case of Kenya’s most Loved TIKTOK dancer Moya David. Moya David is known as the best smile maker most so for women and ladies and even kids especially females. His act has seen him gain recognition and much more gained more money.

But instead of just living like fellow TikTokers, Moya David made a smart move, venturing into business with the money he earned. Moya David named his new business Moya David Spa with a trademark being a guy kneeling and giving out flowers. What a smart move? Smart and famous.

Moya David Spa

Moya David Spa is located in the affluent area of Kilimani in Nairobi. The Moya David Spa was launched on Saturday. The Moya David Spa was saw different celebrities oming to support him among them was Simon Kabu’s wife, Sarah Kabu.

What’s your opinion on this? Smart or not?