Did Mulamwah cheated on Carol Sonnie? Let’s find out.

The current love affair of comedian Mulamwah has brought many rumours on his love life with many raising several quentions and doubts against the comedian.

This comes after failure of the comedian  to address what really transpired between his love life with Carol  to the public.

It also comes at a time when Carol  accused the comedian of cheating on her outside their relationship with other girls thus the fall out.

Through Q&A instagram sessions a fan asked the comedian why they did separated and his responded by saying that he has chose not to speak about it since if he spilled the beans, it will destroy Carol’s life and might end up affecting that of their baby.

He called that those who are concerned about it will know it later but not now as he has chose to remain a gentle man to prevent any damage.

Why did u break up with Sonnie?

Everyone asks this
I choose not to speak, Because if I speak I may
destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one 100.

Men keep quiet
To protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in public to clear my name will just worsen the
worst already.

Maybe one day you’ll
know what really
But I am not insane to make the decision made. Men don’t just walk away. Dig

Carol and Mulamwah
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