Mulamwah, Sonnie UN follows Each Other On Instagram

Mulamwah hints trouble in paradise as he says this

Mulamwah hints there is trouble in Paradise

What’s trending on the internet, it is a recently young couples and young parents in town. Our very own Mulamwah and Sonnie.

On September 20,the couple welcomed their bubbly bouncing baby Keilah Oyando who hitted two months of age recently.

The couple who has been cherishing every moment of their baby in their social media handles failed to do so on her 2month of age.

As usual they would all post their baby’s photos on their walls when the baby hitted a new milestone but this time they didn’t as expected.

It was Sonnie’s baby dady who failed to post the baby as usual and according to social media spyers, it is like the couple are having issues in their relationship. Why?

The duo unfollowed each other on instagram and this has stirred debated online as none of them gave the reason for doing this.

But according to Mulamwah while speaking to Mungai Eve and asked to talk about why they unfollowed each. Mulamwah dogged the question and claimed that he would talk about it later in a lengthy talk but not now may be later.

Carol and Kendrick 
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Do you think all is not well in paradise or is is clout chasing?


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