Manzi wa Kibera is a liar, says mungai eve

There have been more stories going around spreading like fire in Kenya recently. And the main attention attraction topic is Nairobi’s socialite, Manzi wa Kibera.

Her current state of living had shocked many after her god, Mungai Eve made a second public interview with her.

The second interview made things clear about the socialites state of living, she was the main example of famous and broke.

In a recent interview, YouTuber Mungai Eve had to respond in claims sorrounding the socialites life.

According to Mungai Eve, socialite Manzi wa Kibera approached her to air her story through her platform so that she could be famous just like any other person.

Stories making rounds on sociamedia that they nolonger associate with Manzi wa Kibera because she is broke are all lies.

Mungai Eve’s boyfriend also clarified that people should do their thorough investigation before they could comment something bad.

Manzi wa Kibera seemed to be a pro liar when it comes to her state of living. It was like she was misleading people about her living status.

According to the YouTuber she came to realise the truth after several attempts of insisting and to see Manzi wa Kibera’s real house only to be taken to a fake home of the socialite’house and that is when she started avoiding her.

Manzi wa Kibera has been doing this for a very long time to fake her life only to con unsuspecting Kenyans.

Photo collage of Manzi wa Kibera and Mungai Eve.
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

The YouTuber claimed she will stand by the truth to protect her followers from being conned.



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