SHOCKING!Meet Musau The Mentalist This Guy Can Read Your Mind In Seconds!

Meet Musau The Metalist

Getting to know what other people thing in their minds can always really be a hard task most so if you are not a trained champ.

But did you know that there are people out here who have the gift of mind reading. Today we are meeting Kevin Musau the mentalist.

Musau the mentalist was born as Kevin Musau, the 22 years old started learning body and expression language at the age of 7.

According to him, he was introduced to magic by his cousin who showed him some tricks and that’s when his interest to mind reading started.

It made him have interest to understand how people work and do what they do and that’s when he came up with this amazing talent.

Musau the mentalist can read your mind and tell you exactly what you are thinking at the very moment.

Armed with a paper and a pen, Musau analyses whatever you told him a very little bit of what you said and gives you the conclusion of what you are thinking.

He was born with pure science and physicology and his is not like magic, spiritual or anything. He perform magic mind reading tricks. Check him out at his Youtube channel.

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His talent has made him meet several people from United States. His talent has made him reach the America has Got Talent.

Musau The mentalist
Musau the mentalist Photo:Courtesy Source: Musau the mentalist

His talent is different let’s not forget that magicians focuses on visual magics while his is pure mind reading manics.

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