Was Nadia and Masauti Mistreated?

Over the weekend Mbosso was performing in Kenya in the coastal region that is Mombasa. This is like his second performance in Kenya after having performed in Eldoret.

The event was dubbed Bright Future Consent with Mbosso. This saw him being escorted by some Kenyan artists the likes of Nadia Mukami, Masauti, and Susumila.

According to music stake holders and fans of the event claimed on social media that Masauti and Nadia Mukami were mistreated in their very own country.

From a video uploaded by one media source from Kenya Nadia is seen being blocked from going to the stage. Some sources indicated that Nadia and Masauti were mistreated and were not given any chance to perform.

Mbosso, Masauti and Mukami
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Most said that Nadia and Masauti were banned from performing in that there was not enough time for them to perform in stage.

According to a source it said:

hello nsg,there is a tiny detail u guys dont know about this mbosso and masauti concert, work at butterfly pavillion where the show took place and we ranted the promoters the venue,our policy is that all show or event that happen there must end by 12 midnight and this rule is from higher up and we follow it strictly, so that’s the reason y huyo madam alikatizia wasanii minutes zao ju walikua wamepitisha ile time tuliwapeaand we were told by our bosses of the show.

So according to Masauti’s post he claimed that there is a lady whom he couldn’t mention that was behind all this.


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