DANGEROUS : Newlyweds Couple Set On Fire To End The Wedding Ceremony

Newlyweds couple in town set on fire during bizzare wedding stunt. They are professionals, Watch It Out! Never try this at home

In most wedding we have seen so far, they do start so luxurious that one can eny the newly weds for the luxurious wedding. Most of thses ceremonies always ends in a lavish get away they call honeymoon with most preferring notable beaches locally or internationally. But this was not the case of rice throwing for these newlyweds couples who set the internet ablaze by their stunt.

Gessop and Mishelle made the perfect wedding exit that anyone would ever wish for most so in this era of 21 century where most couples publicise their daily lives activities. It is nowadays not a private stuff to keep a wedding event or outcome private.

The newlyweds Couple who hustle as TV and film sets decided to pay homage for their careers by setting themselves ablaze to end the wedding ceremony. The duo could be seen in the viral video posted by @djrusspowell, holding hands together and running towards one direction with the family and friends cheering on happily as the couple jog down the aisle not caring at all whether the couple were enjoying or not.

The wedding itself started traditionally enough that anyone could think that it would end boring as normally ones but guess what? Everything changed after a man ignited Mishelle bouquet with an incendiary device, they all go up on flames.

This was not the case because guess what? It was a stunt couple marriage and indeed it attracted too much attention that by this time of writing, the video itself has hitted over 16,000,000 million views on tiktok.

The video dubbed,’when stunt people marry’ shows the happily married couple ending the flames by running towards the assistant guys who give the flame a doze of fire extinguisher.

The bride kneeling for during the fire extinguisher dousing the fire

This comment or said:
“Ahh so these are the people responsible for making our entertainment so amazing.”

This one seconded her, “I thought it was going to be like cheerleading stunting and then they lit themselves on fire”

Another one said:
literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, but hopefully people leave this trend for professionals

This hilarious tiktoker commented on the newlyweds video:
“that was rad you guys ain’t going to be setting each other on fire on a regular are you (laughs)”

“what? no bridesmaids or groomsmen wanted to be set on fire? no one wanted to fight over the flaming bouquet?(laughs) I bet the pix were gorgeous tho!” claimed this one as she responds to the newlyweds video.

Remember in the video dj Powell had placed a Warner warning people not to try this at home as this two newlyweds were professionald at it.. What do you think? How would you like your perfect wedding to be? Tell us in the comment section.



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