Pascal Tokodi On Losing First Child

Pascal Tokodi worst moments

In life as a couple, losing a child before being born is always a very traumatic event most so if you consider how most couples take their time to take care of their pregnancy until a certain period only for the doctor to say you lost it.

This is the previous case of these celebrated couples. Celebrated Kenyan actor and musician together with his girlfriend TV girl Grace Ekirapa shocked many recently after they revealed this.

Through their YouTube channel which premiered their thanks giving party which was only black and white themed. The duo revealed how they have gone through a lot in their journey pregnancy to reach where they are now.

They opened up about their previous loss where Pascal Tokodi and his wife revealed how they lost their 1st pregnancy in early June last year.

To them this is their second pregnancy and guess what it is right months old only a month remaining for they baby to grace the world.

Pascal Tokodi
Pascal’s wife Grace Ekirapa

According to the Grace and her husband their previous pregnancy was a premature birth and due to complications associated with it they lost it.


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