A look into Port Victoria western Kenya in 1899

A look into Port Victoria western Kenya in 1899

A look into Port Victoria western Kenya in 1899. One of the photos below shows the house of Harry Galt who was incharge of the Port Victoria station before he moved to Uganda where he was speared to death.

Port Victoria was the most important station after Mumias in what is today known as Nyanza and Western. It was also the busiest inland port long before the colonialists even thought of Kisumu becoming a town.

From Port Victoria, goods from the coastal parts of British East Africa (now Republic of Kenya) were bulked and transhipped to the ports of the Buganda Kingdom which was a very important British outpost.

Due to its proximity to Buganda Kingdom which was jealously guarded by the British, it had been designated as the terminus of the Uganda Railway.

But a last minute change of plan by the Railway Engineer shifted the terminus to Ugowe Bay on the northern part of the lake in Kisumu. This terminus was again shifted to Port Florence on the southern side of the Lake in Kisumu.

Even though the shifting of the Railway terminus led to the foundation and the growth of Kisumu town , it killed Port Victoria which to date, still resembles a market place just like Mumias.
Port Victoria

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