In this article we are going to dig deep in the life of one of the world’s wildlife hero, Richard Leakey.

Richard Leakey Biography

Richard Leakey is a Kenyan paleoanthropologist and conservationist who gave evidence that human kind evolved in Africa.

Born Richard Erskine Frere Leakey FRS, Richard Leakey was the son of Louis Leakey and Mary Leaky in the year 1944 of December date 19th in Nairobi, Kenya.

Leakey is an atheist and a humanist.

You can imagine that his father was the founder of Dalmatian Club of East Africa. A club that won a prize in 1957.

It is believed that in 1956 the young man broke his head and fractured his skull. But how did this happened? Leakey had fallen off a horse back and can you imagine a child pain saved the parents marriage?

Well, after Richard was rushed to hospital, earlier before the incident sources claim that the conservationist had threatened to leave Mary Leaky for his secretary.

But this little young man seemed to be a blessing in disguise. He begged his father not to leave his mother and you can imagine out of hospital bed.

In 1993, the wildlife hero survived a plane crash that saw him crashing his lower legs. This would later leave him being with amputated legs thus leaving him to walk in artificial limbs.

Richard Leakey Wife And Marriage

The conservationist was married to Margaret Cropper in the year 1965. He met Cropper who was an archaeologist during  his second Lake Natron expedition. The two lovers would later divorce in 1969, the same year their daughter Anna was born.

Richard Leakey
Conservationist Richard Leakey
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After some time of boredom due to lack of wife, he would later find love in Mrs. Meave Epps , he went ahead and married her in 1970, together the duo were blessed with children.

Among them was Louis Leakey.

Richard Leakey Father and Brothers

Richard was the son of Coryndon Museum curator Louis Leakey and his mother was the director of Leakey excavations in Old Dubai Gorge.

Richard Leakey was a brother to Philip Leakey and Jonathan Leakey who were all members of Langata Pony club.

Richard Leakey Discoveries

Despite his parents that is Louis Leakey and Mary Leaky being the Olduvai Gorge founders where stone tools and numerous fossils were found.

His parents discoveries at Olduvai Gorge proved to scientist that indeed human being did evolve at the Olduvai Gorge.

Richard took the same direction and one day while together with his team guess what happened?

Leakey and his team discovered KNM WT 17000 which also called “Black Skull” of a new species, Australopithecus aethiopicus (or Paranthropus aethiopicus).

Richard Leakey Professional and Awards

Being a childpreneur saw him getting involved in excavation work at Lake Baringo and he  continued his photographic safari business, this enabled him make enough money to buy a house in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

In the year 1994, Richard won the Hubbard Medal. He would take official positions in the Kenyan government in the fields of archaeology and wildlife conservation. Leave alone that, Richard was the director of National Museum of Kenya.

In 1989,the reign of former late president Daniel Arap Mio. Leakey got lucky after national outcry of elephant poaching.

He was chose to be the head of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Department (WMCD)
Leakey is the founder and CEO of Wildlife Direct.

In 2015 he was appointed by the current outgoing president of Kenya that is president Uhuru Kenyatta to be the board  chairman of the Kenyan Wildlife Service(KWS).

Richard Leakey Cause of Death

Richard Leakey died in the early hours of January 2nd 2022 at his home aged 77.

The consetvationist cheat death many times as  childhood skull fracture, kidney and liver failures that required transplants, public beatings, and a plane crash before passing away yesterday in his Kenyan home.


After his death many lovers of him had their deepest condolences sent to his family and these are what they had to say:

Carl Zimmer said:

Paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey has died at age 77.

Lee Berger said:

Richard Leakey has died.  A pioneer in our science, a colleague, friend whom I had moments of jousting with over science.  One of the greatest. RIP

Paige Madison said:

Paleoanthropology has lost an absolute giant, but Richard Leakey’s legacy will certainly live on. I’ll share some #histsci thoughts soon; for now it’s enough to say he will be tremendously missed.

Wildlife direct said:

Dr. Richard Leakey, a Kenyan conservationist and paleoanthropologist who spearheaded campaigns against the ivory trade to save the dwindling African elephant population, has died.

Allysa Lukpat said:

Richard Leakey did not want to be a paleontologist like his parents, but he eventually succumbed to fossil fever.

US Ambassador in Kenya said:

Saddened by the passing of renowned Kenyan paleoanthropologist and conservationist, Dr. Richard Leakey. His environmental work and commitment to wildlife protection in  has left a lasting legacy.

Imran replied:

Former attorney general died same day and you kept mum. But you chose to post about former head of public service

This two men were great, successful and contributed differently to the success of the nation.

The major notable difference between them is the colour of their  skin.


Richard Leakey, trailblazing conservationist and fossil hunter, dies at 77 – National Geographic  RIP I believe in spirit he was a 1.6m  year old H Erectus at his death .

Eugine Wamalwa said:

May you rest in Peace My Friend Dr Richard Leakey.

New Vision said:

Dr. Richard Leakey, whose groundbreaking discoveries helped prove that humankind evolved in Africa, has died at the age of 77.

Nathan Francis claimed:

#RIPRichardLeakey Fossil hunter #RichardLeakey who showed humans evolved in Africa dies at 77. Kenyan conservationist found oldest near-complete human skeleton in 1984, dating from 1.5m years ago. #Conservation

Osman said:

The first book I read when I was a student was by Richard Leakey. Glad he passed through this world and I’m glad we were able to be colleagues with him.

Brian claimed:

He left quite an extraordinary legacy behind.

Ara Pacis said:

RIP Richard Leakey. A giant in the field.

Gabriel said:

“Humankind evolving in Africa is much like the unproven big bang theory, my unproven theory is that possibly humankind evolved worldwide and not just in Africa,if I had to pick one race of people as the original humans,it would be the ancient and mysterious Australian Aborigines”

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