Rick Ross And Hamisa Mobetto Dubai Love

A video clip of former girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz that is Hamisa Mobetto just surfaced online.

The clip which is doing rounds on social media was spotted by bossy social users who could not keep it a secret anymore but expose the rumoured two.

We are talking about rapper Rick Ross and whom is thought to be his next baby mama that is Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

In the clip the wto could be seen dancing together with Hamisa twerking on Rick Ross and another interesting part of the video is where Rick Ross almost kissed the beauty but she blocked his lips.

This has left a section of users globally wondering if the two are an item and it seems the rumours going round on social media might be true that Rick just got love in Hamisa.

Let’s not forget the two started from instagram where Rick Ross would comment on the beauty’s photos whenever she posted and later in guess what, it was ‘are you bags packed?’

Their video counting in Dubai has made netizens to say their thought and these ones had this to say:

Anonymous 1 said: Fear women bro, Diamond platinum has money but she went for bigger money 😂😂😂😂😂

Anonymous 2 said: Transactional relationship. Dude wanna cum, bitch wanna feel validated.

Ruff n smooth said: “ Poor man ein wife ooo naa Rich man ein girl “ 😂

ade: Serves him right, he left his wife for this lady, now karma is hitting hard

Bex: Rickross didn’t just feature Diamonds platnumz on the the song but also in bed 😂😂😂😂😂

Rick Ross
Rick Ross and his love
Photo: Courtesy

The girl intentionally acted like she’s resisting the kiss so she can defend herself later but I can’t imagine what will go on in the bedroom lol



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