Exclusive Sad : Royal guard Collapses On Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin 2022

Royal guard Collapses On Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin

It was a moment of drama at the royals grieving grounds. A mid the ongoing grievances for the queen,comes and old royal guard Collapses yet he was just well.

This royal guard Collapse is believed to have suffered from leg lock which made him to fall down. The viral video shows the royal guard collapsing and other guards rush to help him, the royal guard get back to his feet.

According to a medic he said that the royal guard might have suffered from a situation of long steady standing. Where all the blood only goes to the to the lower body and very few go up to the brains and other parts making one to feel like fainting.

A mid all these Prince William and Kate Middleton were out winning hearts by greeting people outside. King Charles also had suffered this problem one could visibly see him moving back and forth after a long standing after a 46 minute walk.