Rwanda 2022: Embarrassing Rwandese Lady Arrested For Improper Dressing

Rwanda : Rwandese Lady Arrested For Improper Dress code

There is a 24 year old lady sitting in a cell in Rwanda today because her choice of dressing at a concert was “indecent”.

In the viral photo that took the social media by storm the lady is seen dressed in a See me through dress with her pant all exposed out.

In the picture too one could not tell if she really wore bra because as far as one could see the picture after seeing her black pant, one could tell she was braless.

So Rwanda government arrested this lady and charged her of indescent dressing. Court has denied bail for Mugabekazi Lilliane and will stay in detention as pleaded by Prosecution in closed session. She was charged with “Public Indecency” for which she could be jailed for up to 2yrs as par Art. 143 of Penal Code.


Mugabekazi Lilliane, 24, who appeared in viral photo, in court today facing charges of indescent dressing. The photo was taken at concert in Kigali. However, her lawyer asked the court for the case to be heard in camera. Government has vowed to tame indescent dressing