Sauti Sol’s Chimano Sauti Sol Has Come Out As Gay. 1 Humble Nyashinki Reacts.

Chimano Sauti Sol Has spilled the deep secret, he’s gay

One of Kenya’s and Africa’s best music band group, Sauti Sol member Chimano Sauti Sol has come out as Gay. Kenyans React.

Through and interview Chimano Sauti Sol came out clear on his sexual orientation. He claimed that it is 2021 and thus the need for his fans to know his deep secret he has kept for years.

Willis Austin claimed that he nolonger wants to live a lie thus the need to come out and clean the air.Note that gay sex in Kenya is punishable by law and one can be sentenced to 14 years in prison – a challenge to this law was rejected in 2019.

Chimano Sauti Sol now joins the lists of the affluent people who has come out as gays. In a recent solo music he released, through an interview with local outlet Chimano said that it was dedicated to him.

The ‘Friday Feeling’ was to let people know who is the real Chimano Sauti Sol. It was the real representation of who he really is.

“Hakuna Kujificha jificha anymore.. it’s 2021 and I am laying everything bare. I’m a member of LGBTQ” – Sauti Sol group Member Chimano Sauti Sol says

Remember the groug decided to do solo music but are still working together. Bien, Fancy Fingers Sauti Sol,Chimano Sauti Sol and Savara Sauti Sol are all now doing solos.

Kenyans were mad at him and in fact he is the trending topic on social media as per now. These are what some Kenyans had to say:

Nahashon said:
Chimano Sauti Sol is gay. That is none of my business. However, I am concerned about Upper Hill Secondary School where Chimano and the rest of Sauti Sol got their secondary education. Has homosexual activity reduced at Upper Hill ama its still as rampant as it was when Sauti Sol was there?

Hon Silas Njura said:
Gaysm is sinful and punishable by judgement Tell Chimano. Even dogs don’t chew dogs. Even animals. Chimano is being chewed in the anus. Ujinga Iko hii Kenya????

Aoko said:
Tweeting hysterically abt Chimano being gay yet your girlfriends are being scissored/fingered out here in the name of sexual liberation and Feminism.They only copulate with men to confuse the society and to breed.Hamuoni ile confidence females wanayo huku nje? Wanabinja bibi zenu.

Musician Nyashinki said:
Chimano should be deported to US, Kenya is not the place for such

Dennis claimed:
And it was time so solo performances and Chimano killed that Friday Feeling on a Sunday
He brought out Makena Nanjeri,Latoya among others during his set.

Mjanjez said:
Life involves inevitable obstacles and difficulties but we have spent much of our time trying to avoid anything painful.
Are you judging chimano in the name of moral superiority.
Kula ngurue nikule nyama…Bora tumekula kitu mtu amependa.

Kijana wa TUK had this to say:
Chimano comes out openly “He is gay”. But tbf , gay people piss me off asf. Why do they behave as if they are trying to prove something? You can be gay and keep it to yourself yoh, we don’t care!!

Ja Runda said:
The good thing about Chimano ni awezi ambia bibi yako Nipee pale

Anonymous said:
Gayism is growing at a high rate and we are blaming chimano

Chimano Sauti Sol
The Sauti Sol crew during a past event
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC


George said:
Chimano ni bure kabisa he should create space for Miguna Miguna yeye aende where LGBTQ is allowed.

Silas commented:
Chimano came into public and the dressing mode shows. What about the rest in this picture? Eating a man’s ass is very terrible and overated. Shame!

Jelagat said:
Chimano is very rich compared to you why should his sexuality be a problem for you
Focus on yourself and make money
There’s no problem with him being GAY!!!

Sambuli said:
It’s the overrated for me. But anyway, let that without sin be the first to cast a stone. Chimano is focusing on his happiness. Happiness muhimu baba. Focus on yours.

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