Sherlyne Anyango Releases New Music, Muzungu Bae Supports Her

Sherlyne Anyango Releases New Music, Muzungu Bae Supports Her

Wasup guys, if you are that type of celebholic in the Kenyan Bracket then you must have heard of socialite Sherlyne Anyango,the then girlfriend of comedian Oga Obinna.

Remember earlier in June the socialite and the comedian parted ways and called it of in their love relationship. The two called off their relationship publicly and in a more funny, nice way.

Not as usual when most of celebrities will end their longterm relationship with lots of dramas to go by. This two just called it off on their Instagram page. This came after Sherlyne decided to try green pastures in the States and Obinna was like, hell no. I can’t do long distance relationship.

They decided to remain good friends instead but guess what, just a few days past and Anyango was seen posing with a white guy and people concluded, perhaps it was the reason they splitted up with Obinna and it sounded good to true.

From then on, Sherlyne confirmed this by posting cosy photos and videos being together with her Muzungu bae.

Now recently just a week ago, the Kenyan US based socialite released a music dubbed murder and today a video of her with her now Bae surfaced online and guess who was singing the Swahili version of the music, her Bae of course.

The video is out on YouTube and, wait a minute, what do you think about it? Share your thoughts.


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