Simon Dorante-Day : King Charles Secret Son Drops DNA Bombshell After Queen Elizabeth II Death in 2022

Simon Dorante-Day : King Charles Secret Son Drops DNA Bombshell To King Charles

How many living kids have you ever asked yourself that King Charles has? DO you Know Simon Dorante-Day? Have you ever wondered about this question? Or even let’s say you’re there living somewhere a life of sorry like Simon Dorante-Day not knowing whom your real parents are or somehow you’ve heard the rumors or you have been told the truth about you and you kept your cool.

“Good afternoon, I too was woken by Miss Meriam informing me that Her Majesty (fondly known as GG aka Lilibet) had sadly passed away overnight and like everyone on the Planet it would be hard not to be affected and saddened by her passing. (sad)

Simon Dorante-Day
Simon and wife

Together we are all entering a period of what First Nations Australians would define as “Sorry Business” as we all experience this loss! No matter what your feelings, political alignments, religious belief, or convictions – she has been a part of all of our lives for a lifetime. Elizabeth touched each and every one of us. (sad)

Since finding out about the loss of my grandmother Aka Lilibet, I’ve been inundated with messages of condolence for the loss. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and concern.

As many of you have expressed my family and I are mourning not just the loss of Her Majesty but the loss of another opportunity to resolve this issue pleasantly, the right way. So, despite the lost opportunity of getting to personally hear her version of events, and the great sadness we all feel at her passing, on a personal and public scale it will be business as usual.

Lastly, on a personal note, I feel she is free now to go and visit where she will, without having to answer to anyone, or being judged for why and how she does it, as she has her entire Reign. Moreover, she is reunited with her greatest Love and closest friend; I don’t think she would want us to feel Sad for her.

Queen Elizabeth II
Dorante-Day and prince william

I think she would rather we all celebrate and remember her for what she stood for and the changes that she was able to make during her reign. Actions speak much louder than words and over her long reign she made many.

Dr. Elvianna, the family, and I would appreciate people’s understanding and respect that we too are experiencing Sorry Business, for our own reasons, in our own way.

Rest in peace Aka, you are in God’s hands now, I know in me I will always carry a piece of you.(sad)” Simon Dorante Day said after Queen Elizabeth passing.

You live with this pain of knowing that your parents are alive like Simon Dorante Day but they seem not to care about you because of their selfishness. Imagine finding out that you belong to the royal family after going through hell growing up? What would you do?

Imagine starting a family like Simon Dorante-Day and when your children ask you about their grand parents you tell them about the important people in the world are your family.

How do you think they will feel? Perhaps some might say you are becoming mad. Imagine growing up in a children’s home with no idea about your real mother? But you hear rumors around? Remember walks have ears.

This is the case of Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged secret love son of King Charles and Camilla. Simon Dorante Day has broken his silence after the queen’s death.

Simon Dorante-Day has come out to claim that he needs justice even if it doesn’t mean being in power. He want King Charles to prove to the world he is his father or not through DNA.

King Charles
Dorante-Day and king Charles

Simon Dorante-Day has stated that he really felt bad that queen Elizabeth died without replying to his letter despite knowing the truth. The queen knew what really happened. He had stated that he will take legal actions against King Charles and Camilla for abandoning him in a children orphanage for he has learned that he the royal are not above the law.

Simon Dorante-Day want to be recognized as one of the royals. He said he feels the pain which Prince Harry is undergoing through, the pain of being ignored, the pain of not being worth to the family. He stated he feel the same pain that made Harry leave the royals for California. But all he want is to be recognized by King Charles.

A series of similar photos of him and his family compared to the royals has made round across the world and from the look of things they are too similar to be true, the smile, the eyes the appearance all looks same. Simon Dorante Day wants justice and according to him, he is not quiting anytime soon.

A compilation of different combination of royals photo and that of Dorante-Day and family:

Simon dorante day

He wrote this to the and wanted the reality to be proved that he is either the abandoned biological son of King Charles or not.

Dear Aka Lilibet (Your Majesty),

Firstly, I hope this open letter that I write to you finds you well and in good health, I notice of late you haven’t felt 100%. I take solace in the fact that you’re stronger than what they think. For years I’ve watched you manoeuvre in the background.

My wife, Dr. Elvianna, the children and I are approaching you in this open letter to ask you publicly how much of this abuse do you expect us to endure, and for how long?

Dr Elvianna and I know that you are watching all of what we are enduring and so is my Father. You also know the truth and how easily I can expose all of this. You have witnessed our lives being threatened on many occasions and have intervened where need be. So, we ask you again, how much do you expect us to endure individually, and as a family?

The racial abuse my wife Dr Elvianna and our nine children (due to their Aboriginality) have had to endure along the way when they are really innocent parties is immense. Dr Elvianna, the older children, and I all have professional careers to think of and a very hard-earned reputation, despite what we’ve been forced to endure along the way.

There are many witnesses to that. What’s been stated falsely about us as individuals, and as a family, is unforgivable and those who are involved will be penalised to the upmost, via Law and Lore, as Dr Elvianna and I deem appropriate.

You also know, as does my Father, what we are like and what we will do. More to the point, what we are capable of and the extents to which we will go. You know, as do I, the truth about the Day family and what really transpired.

You and I also know Winifred wasn’t dying when she told me the truth of who my natural parents were, your son Prince Charles and his wife Duchess Camilla. I understand now why only my adopted grandparents Winfred and Earnest were trusted, what they hinted about, and why.

It brings us some solace that God is watching all of this and “thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven”. At the end of the day, it won’t be my karma however, it will certainly affect what you leave behind.

I hope following this communication with you that you make the right decision regarding our current position.

Warm Regards

Simon Charles Dorante-Day (Your First-born grandchild),”

This was a letter Wrote by Simon Dorante Day to the late Queen Elizabeth.