Size 8 Statement Leaves Fans Worried

Is Size 8 Okay?

What’s trending on the internet, today it is Size 8, a gospel musician in Kenya and recently she just announced that she is expecting baby number 3.

Through her instagram page the mother of two wrote a certain message which has left her fans very worried with questions without answers. She posted a certain picture showing her like she is crying or stressed and captioned this:

God take over for my heart, cannot bare it any longer……without your grace and power there is no victory. I am Amy end JESUS CHRIST TAKE THE WHEEL…… I need you lord.

So those are her statements which has left most of her fans questioning why did she wrote that?

Remember she is pregnant and she will soon be a mother of 3. Let’s not forget that before the birth of their son, the musician had a miscarriage.

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And it seems she has started experiencing complications of pregnancy so fans are suspecting that might be the source of her statement.

We believe that she will overcome the complications of pregnancy and deliver well and safely. What do you have to say? Share in the comments section.

Size 8
Size 8 showing off her beautiful pregnancy
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