Skye: viral video shows her walking along with lionesses

Can you imagine as a woman like iamofficialSkye walking home alone and your way you end up meeting one of the most feared animals of the jungle?

Imagine one day waking up, opening your door only to be greeted by a lion at the door? What will be your immediate reaction?

Definitely you will shout out loud that even your ancestors will be shocked. This is not the case for one of the females in the world. In fact, Skye is a true definition of a a courageous woman.

The South African influencer shocked the internet world users by her courage walking among lionesses.

The video showed Skye walking behind the 6 lionesses in undisclosed Park where she would even hold one of the lionesses tail.

In a post shared by safari gallery on instagram. Skye shocked many users by her courage. On her wall, the beauty identifies herself as a luxury traveller and perhaps this is one of them.

Starnikes Entertainment compiled some of social media comments and this is what they had to say:

Adeela said:
Having lions used to be an affluent thing in Ethiopia i think it was.

Tolulope said:
I don’t think it is real o. Make someone no go try am o.

aroxxb_2.0 said:Nahhhhh sis bodied this

ear_candimonstar said: I think
mauled and eaten are different but I’ll have to ask her when we meet again. ….I’d change “scares” to adventurous but I’m from Chicago so

thej.millerexperience said: A True Queen

donyetaylor said: it’s the grabbing the tail for me

itssarii_b said: can’t believe she let you hold her tail sign/spirit animal love my

The luxury traveller

Those are some of the many comments that poured into her social media page. Skye is just a true definition of a queen among lionesses.



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