South African Woman Becomes The Second Black Female To Qualify As An Oncologist.

South African Woman Becomes The Second Black Female To Qualify As An Oncologist.

A South African woman has become internet sensation after she became the second black woman to qualify as an Oncologist.

According to Women Power Africa , Dr.Sithembile Ngidi, who was an asthmatic child, used to admire how the doctors were healing people and making them feel better. As a child all she wanted was to be a doctor, heal people and help them get better.

At the age of 17 years old Sithembile was graduated from Port Sheptone High School with four distinctions. She later joined University of KwaZulu-Natal to focus on her medical studies.


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Sithembile would later earn herself a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Bachelor’s Degree in Surgery and a masters Degree in Oncology. She qualified as a Radiation Oncologist from South Africa’s Colleges of medicine.

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Credit: Women Power Africa
Photo: Dr.Sithembile
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Currently, Sithembile works at Kathrada Private Hospital located in Lenasia in Johannesburg. Ngidi attributes her success to nothing other than harwork.

” I want to encourage young woman to be as great as they can be. Gender should not be an issue when you are choosing your career and when people say you can’t do something. It should make you want to prove them wrong,” said Doctor Sithembile Ngidi.


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