Tanasha Donna’s Channel Not back

On August 20 was the worst day for Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna. She lost her youtube channel. This was the very day her youtube account was terminated and she is yet to tell us why her account was removed from YouTube.

Normally, one loses their accounts on youtube if they go against YouTube terms and conditions and when you reach to an extent youtube terminates your account, then this is a big deal.

According to YouTube terms and conditions if you go against their policies and terms you can end up crying real tears leave alone crocodile tears.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna taking a selfie
Photo: Tanasha Donna
Source: instagram

Once your account receives the first strike from YouTube, the second strike applied on youtube the third one thank God if your youtube channel is still breathing. Why? Because, when youtube applies the third strike on your channel it means that you are doing what they don’t want. It’s like you’re being rude to them.

This usually happens if you are uploading content which goes against mostly kids policies. And if you go against kids policies three times, just take a walk because your account will be no more. Unlike copywrite claims which they just deny you the chance to earn money from the copyrighted content, strike is worse and you should pray that it never hits your channel on youtube if you have one.

Back to our Tanasha, they are claiming that someone tried to hack the account but that is a lie because if it was hacked they could have tried to get it back from the person who hacked it or they could have posted online.

It is September 3 at day 13 and the account of the beauty is not yet back. Remember the last music she dropped was Complicationship which was a single where she featured a Nigerian called Bad Boy Teams but since it happened Tanasha Donna has never said anything about it. What do you think? Share!

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