Tiktok Craft Trend Costs Family Their Lives

TikTok craft trend causes family death

tiktok app photo:nikuga

In this life of 21st century where we live in the era of social media where several stuff are done online and we tend to believe them without doing our research without taking deeper caution. A family in the United states is counting loses after their kins succumbed due to electrocution.

the remains of a 44 year old woman and 52 year old man were found after fire erupted in their house reason they were trying a trending TikTok  craft called fractal wood burning. This was after a three week into investigation to establish the cause of fire that led to their death.

Despite several attempts by experts warning people to never try just any craft they see on social media. Many people have turned deaf ears onto these advices and all they do say is that it’s fun and why not try it out.

Fractal wood burning always have a beautiful tree like burning that bring a favourite outcome of design. But experts warn that high voltage wires used in making the design can if not lead to death, can cause fire. Despite being youths and olds favourite app for fun and music,TikTok has caused more bad than good to most families trying the risky TikTok trends everyday but what could be done to stop this/? share your thoughts below.

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