Tob Cohen: Judge Sankale Ole Kantai Linked to The Death of A Kenyan Tycoon

Judge found in Tob Cohen Killing

In 2019 area of Kitusuru, it was all shock and somber mood as the police discovered the body of a Dutch tycoon that is Tob Cohen in a sceptic tank. Hsi body was discovered a few weeks later after the fallen tycoon went missing.

Tob Cohen who was a Dutch descent was married to Sarah Wairimu and after he went missing,in the rush to search him everywhere, his body would later be found covered with polythene papers in a sceptic tank in his Kitusuru home.

This was after he was reported missing and according to his then wife Wairimu, he had travelled abroad for business meetings.

His wife would later be arrested and arraigned in court as the prime suspect in the murder as the body was found withing the home. It his several months now since he passed and his case isn’t over nor has the prime suspect be jailed.

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Now guess what? A senior judge Sankale Ole Kantai, has been linked to the murder of the tycoon after court documents revealed that the judge, Ole Kantai had previously arranged meeting with the main suspect in the murder to orchestrate the fallen’s killing.

The judge is also said to have been involved in fraudulent money transfers to his accounts from the company which was being runned by Tob Cohen before transferring them to the estranged widow that is Sarah Wairimu.

John Gachomo said that the tycoon was killed barely two days after the transfers and that was after the transfers were discovered.

Gachomo who Is a senior DCI assistant added that the conversation between the two was intense between 17th – 19th July of 2019, the time when the tycoon was expected to appear to registrar of Companies over the matter.

Tob Cohen
Top left judge Sankale Ole Kantai, top right(Sarah Wairimu)
Bottom (Tob Cohen)

Source: UGC

Reports says the two were love birds before the murder. The case is still ongoing and the ODPP has also been accused of being in the urge to terminate investigations.

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