Tristan Thompson Embraces Change Kim Kardashian Shows Support.

Tristan Thompson Embraces Change Kim Kardashian Shows Support.

Kim Kardashian’s inlaw  Tristan Thompson appears to be reflecting on his life as recently he shared on his instagram page a post of him embracing change from his wife book book and it appears his inlaw is in support of him.

This is after Tristan Thompson showed some wisdom to his fans and most specifically he’s centered on growth. Tristan Thompson took to his page over the weekend share a certain photo of him posing beside a painting with a caption quote, “some people will judge you for changing. Some people will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle wisely.”


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Tristan Thompson caption comes just after afew days when news broke out that he’s been treated to a kings circle which means he would be residing on West Coast for the basket season.

And guess what, while Tristan Thompson’s caption was just around his career, many Khloe Kardashian’s fans couldn’t help but assume that has to do with his character following his latest split with Khloe Kardashian especially after his photo was liked by non other than Kim Kardashian.

Kim also left a comment on the post referring to Tristan as, “Jamaican Canadian Prophet.” Tristan and the Kardashians are actually in good terms even after the split up. But depite the cheating rumours after he was seen entering a private room with three women. The Kardashians want to keep him around for the sake of their kid baby True.

According to the time of their split a source said that Khloe had said quote, “Told Tristan he lost all of her trust
And the relationship could not be repaired.”

Khloe has been able to say that she was able to mend their broken relationship and it was in a much better place. Kim has been previously been open about keeping Tristan in their circle for the sake of their daughter during the episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

She explained to her fans that quote, “Tristan is True’s dad. So regardless of whatever, he’s connected for life, we can’t change that.”

Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson with his ex eife Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Tristan Thompson

Around the same time the episode aired when fans witnessed the aftermath of Khloe and Tristan relationship. Kim also tweeted her support for Tristan responding to a fan saying quote,

“I actually LOVE Tristan now like a brother FR! We totally bonded and worked
through our issues and love him”

This time fans were surprised by Kim on supporting a man that broke her blood sister’s heart and these fans said quote,

khloe kardashian is a glutton for punishment if she really back with tristan

@autnsbarroa 3
khloe kardashian is a gutton for punishment if she realy back with tristan

@sms.linden@kimkardashian You
have got to be sick tosupport a man who
broke your sister heart
numerous of timesonbefore makes a person
wonder about you andyour motives


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