Couple found couple in the house. Did this but guess what? Read this…

Iguana in the house

Imagine waking up early in the morning to dispose off the morning pee then you find what you did not expected. If you are not courageous enough you end up screaming. OMG!

A couple in the United States are a good example for finding what you did not expected. An iguana slithered its way all the way to their toilet.

Through the viral video the husband opened the lid only to find the little baby waiting for him. Very scary right? The couple based in Florida had a testimony to say.

The guy was very scared and did not know what to do. At first he claimed he thought may be the alligator could jump out of the toilet and who knows what danger was waiting for him.

Since he was too scared to remove the iguana out of the house, the guy had to call a professional trapper who did the job.

To their shock, after the iguana was removed and the couple was out of danger, they did not know what was awaiting for them again.

When the wife went to the toilet, to her surprise she found the same iguana they had removed. The trapper had to be called again. OMG! So scary if you have phobia in these type of animals. If it were you what could you have done? Share below.

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