Here is a list of top viral stories of 2021 that shook the internet.

Viral Stories of 2021

In this article we bring you top viral stories that shook the internet world of Kenya. Here is the compilation:

1.Viral Stories of 2021:  Sauti Sol’s Chimano Sauti Sol Declaring he is Gay.

2021 took the internet by shock in the world of Chimano after the musician declared that he is actually gay.

This made headlines as many were not expecting him to be a menber of the LGBTQ community. He was that type of eligible man in Kenya that most ladies were eyeing but boom! He turned out gay.

Chimano had claimed that he has been keeping this a secret fro a long time and that time he finally declared it. It was like an expectant mother delivering.

2.Viral Stories of 2021: Lilian Nganga Divorcing Governor Alfred Mutua.

This was yet another big thud as the ones who Kenyans have been looking up to for marriage figures did not go well.

Lilian Nganga and her ex husband Alfred Mutua decided to part ways after being together for a long time. Their divorce sparked reactions online after the governor invited his ex wife to help him celebrate his birthday.

Viral stories of 2021
From left to right: Chimano, Alfred Mutua & Lilian Nganga, Diana Bahati

Many thought perhaps they were Clout Chasing to seek public attention but boom!it would later turn out to be a serious decision after Lilian posted her next move that was Juliani.

3. Viral Stories of 2021: Sauti Sol Partying Ways

Despite assuring Kenyans that they will continue working together, Sauti Sol shook the band industry of Kenya after the crew decided to part ways later in the year 2021.

They shook the internet band group of Kenya since they have been known for working together for a long time and producing good music.

Kenyans perhaps thought that they will remain united forever, little did they knew the crew were about to make the next moves of their lives that would later shook their music lovers.

4. Viral Stories of 2021: Diana Marua Claiming She was Raped By Willy Paul.

This become a trend for the better part of some days after Bahati’s wife claimed that she was raped by Willy Paul..

It would later emerge that the duo were once upon a time lovers and things tore apart after Willy Paul started blasting the Bahati’s. It was like a revenge on the internet.

Stay tuned. To be updated.

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