Weezdom – NICA the Queen Reacts to Willy Paul and Diana Bahati drama

A day has passed since Diana Bahati spoked out about being raped once upon a time with singer Willy Paul.

It is all fire all over instagram after Diana  started the drama and more and more celebrities who are aware of the issue are coming out to speak their truth.

Among them who came out after being named by Willy Paul for knowing the incident is Weezdom who wrote his truth on his instagram page.

Hallo Fam I’m aware that nimetajwa Sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on ..Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana…

Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free????

said Weezdom254

This comes after Willy Paul responded the same day Diana  uploaded the tearfully video. And to him he claimed that he can get safaricom data of their chats with Diana.

It seems the two had a thing before they got married to different spouses and since they have their differences, Diana  seems to be looking for ways to bring her enemy down and it is not yet clear if it’s her husband using her to fight the enemy.

So guess what? Another celebrity that is gospel singer NICA the Queen came out to speak her truth and she claimed that when she was still married to her ex husband Dr Ofweneke, one day Willy Paul had came to visit Diana B.

Willy Paul
(Top left) Willy Paul, Bahati,(tr) NICA The Queen, (bl) Weez and (br) Diana B
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

Whom by then used to live in Great Wall apartments of Syokimau. According to her, Willy had found them strolling with her ex husband and then he alighted but what Nicah the Queen noticed was that, Willy had a lady in his car who was sitted in the Co driver section.

The lady whom she would later learn after being famous was Diana Bahati who by that time was all comfortable and didn’t showed any signs of danger and infact she was jamming to Willy Paul’s music which was playing in the background.

Nicah the queen’s question was why did Diana not use the chance Willy got out to greet them to run for her life if she was in danger? It seems many people are behind Willy Paul and are yet to say the truth.

Weezdom, Willy and Bahati
Photo taken by weez
Source: instagram

Remember that after causing all this drama the Bahati’s that is Diana B and Bahati the husband are in Tanzania where they were invited by Diamond Platnumz.

And to defend what seems to a lie to many Diana claims that she was raped.

I want to Say Thank you to God for the Gift of Life and even more for the Courage He has given me to Speak out on behalf of Many Women out here who have Faced Rape & abuse before.

It’s not easy Knowing so Well the Culprit Will always find a Way to Twist the Story which Leaves Many Women Hurt & Silent;

But Even knowing the Story must be Changed I still Came AND stood for the Truth ???????????? Dear fellow Women and even Bold men who are reaching out to me and encouraging me; I want to say Thank you for your texts and DMs.

I know it’s not easy for any woman and a Mother but after opening up I have started my healing and I know I will be fine ???? I also want to say Thank you to all the Women Who have come out and the many that are still sending me their Rape and assault Cases done by the same Culprit; I didn’t know We were this many????????????, I feel so sorry for you girls but finally this is the time to get Justice.

Lastly thank you to all Women Lawyers who have reached out to me and willing to help this affected girls that cannot afford Legal fees ???????????? May God Pay You Back Abundantly.

I might not be able to address this again because it’s a matter before a Court of Law but I’m also glad because every other post and Video made this Rape Culprit is working for our good as more evidence to our Court Case.

Lastly thank you again for the Much Love, emotional support and encouragement! Dear my fellow Women I will be strong not only for me but for you too. Keep praying for me. I Love all! #JusticeforOurWomen

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