Monkeypox Explained. WHO declares the outbreak a Global Health Emergency

Monkeypox Explained, what you must know. WHO declares the outbreak a public health emergency

Monkeypox Explained. WHO declares the outbreak a public health emergency

The World Health Organization on Saturday was forced to declare monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. The virus is spreading rapidly across the globe and with the WHO decision, it will enable them curb the virus. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is thhe director of WHO decided to take the move despite not being advised by experts he had convened. The experts met a few weeks ago where they even declined to make it an intentional emergency like the corona virus.

As far as life is concerned , so far, the virus spread largely among the gay, the bisexual. The virus is huge among those who have multiple sex partners a fact that the World Health Organization believes has increased the chances the outbreak can be brought under control.

What is Monkeypox (Orthopox Virus)

Monkeypox is a DNA virus that is in the form of orthopox virus family. The virus is related to smallpox but not dangerous
The virus has been affecting humans with the first isolation case in 1958 in crab eating macaques. The virus jumped into humans with first case appearing in West Africa in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970s. By that time the death rate was 10%.

a clinical image of monkeypox


Monkeypox can be transmitted through:

  • contaminated respiratory droplets,
  • contact with an infected person/animal
  • body fluids
  • mucous membrane
  • broken skin
  • contaminated materials like bedding, bathing sponge, towel, clothing
  • Fomites on which the virus can sit


Although it has spread mostly among the homosexuals it can spread even to anyone, be it the pregnant or kids.

Clinical features / Signs & Symptoms

  • Incubation period of Monkeypox is 3-13 days from the first time the person is exposed to the virus.
  • Prodromal lymphadenopathy – the prodrome is when a person starts feeling ill before they have a specific feature whereas lymphadenopathy is when one starts swelling on the lymph glands in the armpits, under the chin or on the cheeks.
  • An acute illness with fever
  • chills and headaches
  • Back-pain  and muscle  aches
  • Myalgia and intense asthenia (general weakness)
  • progressive rash development

The Rash

The rash starts with a raised area followed by a prominent area on the raised area, then the area gets filled with pus, after a while the pus will burst, then it will dry off then leave a scar on the affected area. The Monkeypox rash can sometimes be painful or itchy.The rash always begins  where the person  was contaminated mostly on the face but in some cases it can start anywhere in the body including palms and feet. The rash can start after 1 -5 days after the first period of symptoms.

The rash goes through different stages before finally forming  a scab which later falls off. Monkeypox can look like syphilis or chickenpox.


Seek doctor’s services once you experience any of the symptoms above


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