Why Mulamwah Started Social Media For His New Born

Reason Behind Mulamwah’s Daughter social pages

Yesterday it was a big day for the Mulamwah’s family. This was after comedian Mulamwah’s wife that is Sonie gave birth to a bouncing baby girl whom they named as Keilah Oyando.

This year year alone we’ve seen several celebrities either getting expectant of becoming mothers and friends Mulamwah is no exception. It is a normal thing with some celebrities to start social media pages for their new born whom perhaps are already brand ambassadors of certain brands or are just pages for daily life posts.

We have seen this with the Bahati’s, the Wajesus, the DJ Mo’s family with all their kids having their personal accounts. It is only the Mathenge’s who introduced their all grown daughter to the public when she was 15 year old unlike other celebrities in Kenya.

So guess what, this comedian took this turn and he is of no exception. This was after he just announced his daughter’s arrival to the world that people also came to notice that the new born already has social media pages.

But why did he created her pages. That I think is an answer to the very same question but why? Being a celebrity means your kids can also be celebrities and in the world where social media numbers can get you jobs even before you are born is the case for Mulamwah’s daughter Oyando.



Keilah Oyando was born and is already the brand ambassador of a kids clothing store in the city and very soon from yesterday she will start earning some cash. Baby Keilah is a brand ambassador of This was confirmed through her parents social pages including her page where at the bio she is termed as the brand ambassador of the company.

What do you think? Is it correct to create a social page for a new born baby or little babies under required age for being able to start using social media? Share your thoughts below.

Mulamwah with daughter Keilah Oyando


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