Is Willy Paul Getting Celebrity Support?

Mwana Mkunaji AKA Willy Paul is in the trending zone. Why is he trending but? Remember the Saldido Records boss has been advertising that he will be dropping his music album sooner than we expect and many are eager to know what the album contains!

Since he started telling his fans about the album dubbed ‘the African Experience,’ one can notice that the Sitolia hit maker has not been receiving any support from fellow Kenyan celebrities.

It has just been him promoting his album solo without anyone’s support. Through his instagram page the ‘Nikune’ hit maker has been able to address this issue of not getting other celebrities support.

Through the instagram post of his album he said:

Run your race guys, 11 days remaining before the biggest album drops! One thing people should know is that, REAL RECOGNISE REAL … to be honest I don’t need hypocritical support on this one. NO!! I was born alone and I will be buried alone. If you have God by ur side you don’t need no human… wale wanajiskia kusupport karibuni… let’s make history.One man against them all 😆 🤣 😂

That how the Saldido Records owner told fellow celebrities indirectly. The question remains that why is he not receiving support from fellow celebrities in Kenya?

Lets not forget that a few weeks ago there were allegations that the gengetone artist has not been giving his fellows support when it comes to theirs and so this time, it is clear that it is a tit for tat game.

Remember Mr Seed had earlier claimed that Willy Paul loves only his own and cannot support fellow musicians. And just after his claims went viral, we saw the bwana Mkunaji posting almost everyone’s music on his platform.

My question is are you his avid follower or are you waiting eagerly for the album. This is his second album after the ‘Songs of Solomon’ which did not doo that well.

‘The African Experience’ album has 11 days to be dropped and what do you think about it? Share your thoughts below.

Willy Paul
Willy Pozzee’s album cover
Photo: Willy P

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