Willy Paul seeks court’s justice over false allegations¬†

Last week it was all thunder on social media with Willy Paul being the trending topic. Why?There is this lady called Miss P who through presenter Ali’s interview she opened up what she went through while under the Saldido Records which is Willy Paul’s record label.

Remember Miss P was signed by Willy Paul under his records but she didn’t lasted long there and left. This brought so many quentions on Kenyans and luckily enough presenter Ali brought the answers to Kenyans on his youtube channel.

Miss P claimed that while under the Saldido Records, she was sexually abused on several occasions which she could not put up with this act and thus left the records. This raises eyebrows on netizens who were guns all blazing for Willy.
Willy Paul received numerous trolls from Kenyans and who were eagerly waiting for his responds to the claims.




So guess what? The mkunaji himself has came out to address the allegations and guess what the hit maker has headed to court to file his case of defamation from Miss P. The musician posted a letter from his lawyers on his Facebook .

The letter read:

AGAINSTOUR CLIENT: WILSON OUMA OPONDO A.K.A WILLY PAULWe refer to the above -mentioned matter in which we have been retained by the
aforementioned person to address you as hereunder:On or around the 31st August, 2021 you individually made false and damaging
utterances against our client on your Interview with one Presenter Ali. The utterances
were full of false, libellous and malicious information against our Client.

You alleged the following against our client:”He forced me to have sex with him not once or twice. I had to tell my mum because
had to get mnedical attention because I don’t know this person, sijui tabia zake.

I had to seek help and my mum helped me Alihamdulilah, otherwise at this very moment

ningekua nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant with his child….He
forced me to have sex with me na alikataa kutumia protection, not once or twice… “You even went ahead and publicly insulted our client and the same was published
on Pulse Live and on Youtube from the 31t August, 2021, which was watched by
approximately Over Two Hundred and Twenty-Four Thousand (224,000) members
of the public and Trending on You’Tube at Number #2 the better part of 2nd
September,2021.This word used could be taken by the ordinary person to mean:a. That Our Client sexually assaulted you”

It is evident that our client is a musician in the Kenyan music industry Known locally
and internationally, and has suffered injury on their reputation and continues to do
so as long as you continue to make the false claims.Your video and publicatiorns by the media have visited upon our client shame, hatred,
contempt, anguish, animosity and extreme loss of business. Our client being
internationally aclaimed and recognised in various countries willsuffer a collapse in
its name and stature should these defamatory acts not cease immediately.


We are in the premises, instructed to DEMAND from you, WHICH WE HEREBY DO
that you immediately cease and desist from making the false accusations against our
client, and in any event not later than 3 DAYS from the date of this letter, retract the
false statement and offer a public, unqualified and unequivocal apology by way of
advertisement; after which we shall contact you for negotiations on quantum for

TAKE NOTICE that if we do not hear from you in the manner demanded, we have
instructions to commence suit against you for damages, both general and exemplary,
among other remedies without further reference to you whatsoever.We trust you shall act to avert precipitate action.Yours faithfully,NIERU KIPKUTO & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES.

And the Saldido Records owner captioned,“I’ve seen n heard all that’s been happening for the past few days on social media about a lady claiming to have been sexually assaulted by me. I’d like to let everyone know that this is a made up story. This is a lady who’s deeply in love with me and is acting out of anger, we had our moments… but when she realised that I couldn’t give back the same love she made up a story that has really done alot damage to my good and clean brand.
My lawyers are working on the case and very soon the truth will come out.”

But Kenyans claims Miss P was Just clout chasing to be famous and to keep shinning on her music career by chasing clout. As always Kenyan Celebrities will do anything to be famous. What do you think on Willy Paul’s action? We will keep you updated on the Willy Paul and Miss P matter. Comment below and share!

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