Willy Paul On Fire 🔥 After Copying 1 Wizkid’s Cover Album

Willy Paul On Fire 🔥 After Copying Wizkid’s  Cover Album

As we have always knew Willy Paul of releasing amazing works every now and then. Most of his music has always been a hit.

He is one of the few musicians who don’t hesitate in realising a music. If they release like today, the next weeks you must expect something. In a month Willy Paul ends up releasing more than one music.

If you are his avid follower then you must have realized his youtube channel doesn’t have a break. Between July and August, he had released several music. In them being Kamata, Lenga featuring Size 8, there was another he featured Alaine, single called Heartbreak.


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Now he came back with a brand new single called Manyuria which he released on 19th Thursday August. With his 2 million followers on instagram, Willy Paul started by mocking gengeton music and his post was captioned, “R.I.P Gengetone Finally”

Although it is not clear why he said that, he came back and posted, “why are you guys upset after I said RIP off gengeton? Surely ur supposed to be happy!!”

As usual fans were left confused and they wanted more clarification on what his posts meant. He then said that he have killed gengeton because since the gengeton artistes started doing the gengeton music, no one has done it the way it is needed.

He went ahead to claim how his album will be among the best in Kenya. That’s when he released the Manyuria single. Manyuria has all the vide and music and it was officially released on August 19th.

And guess what, the first thing people noticed was the type of music and gengeton and it is his first time doing it. There have been several artistes who have benefitted from this type of music which they have been doing since.

It is not yet clear when the album will be released nor how many songs will be contained in the album. What fans discovered again was how Willy Paul copied the cover album of Wizkid the “made in Lagos” which was released last year.

There are more similarities in the cover of the album the only difference is the position of their pose. The dress code was the same, he touched his head like Wizkid, the color of the cover was white grey just like that of Wizkid. And this made fans to spot the copying in it.

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