Woman Becomes Youngest Politician In History of Namibia To Be Appointed as MP.

Woman Becomes Youngest Politician In History of Namibia To Be Appointed as MP.

A yound woman aged 22 years old has hitted history by becoming the youngest politician in history of Namibia Parliament.

Patience Masua is a 22 year old member of Parliament, an education advocate and a youth activist. Masua was appointed member of Parliament in Namibia at just 22 years of age after the resignation of minister of Defence in Namibia. Vilho.


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This made Masua to become the youngest member of Parliament. Before, she served as a Secretary General of NANSO and students organization in Namibia and also as a student speaker of Student Parliament, UNAM SRC.

But that’s not all, it seems Masua was genetically born with leadership trend in her life. According to Women Power Africa She attended Delta Secondary School where she was the Deputy Head girl in Learner’s Representative Council.

Masua earned herself a Bachelor’s Degree in Laws from University of Namibia and is currently the country’s director of SAYOF a Southern Africa Youth Forum.

She said that no Namibian student should be denied access to Higher education is he or she has the capacity, qualifications and willingness to study with funding made as a barrier.

Credit: Valentine Zoza
Photo: Hon. Patience Masua

“I don’t succumb to the politics of likability because I don’t sing for my supper, I work for it. So trust that if you are not performing as per your mandate, I will call it out. Capacity has to meet power. ‘Business unusual’ it surely is.” said Hon. Patience Masua.

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