Zari Confirms She’s Single But Not Searching

Zari Confirms She’s Single But Not Searching

If you’ve been following the life of Zari the boss lady, perhaps you might be questioning where is her sweetheart Dark Stallion? This may be because you haven’t seen him around for a long time including when daughter Princess Tiffah was celebrating her birthday.

During this birthday, everyone was invited but what about Dark Stallion? Well, he was not there. But guess what, the boss lady just confirmed that she’s sing but not even searching.

If you have been following her posts there was a time she placed out there that she had to let go and that it was not serving her and so, she did it.


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Not so long ago, her then sweetheart showed up and the two love birds were looking cozy together as if nothing was happening in their lives. This left fans confused and as the bossete always say you gotta mind your own business.

Zari and Dark Stallion looking all fab

She declared on her instagram page while responding to a fan who asked if she’s taken or single and she responded, “single and not searching.” Now you know she’s single and not searching but you never know perhaps some days from now the Dark Stallion will appear again.


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