Zari hassan black pant


Zari hassan black pant is trending!

Zari hassan black pant has been trending from the better part of yesterday after a viral video during their Black Woman Union caught netizens attention.

When she dances, she is such a vibe when she meets her girls and one would think that she is a 16 year old. The over 40 years mother has every character you would love in a friend and when you go to party with her, she is such a party animal.

The mother of 5 in the viral video could be seen dancing to the tune of former lover’s hitsong, ‘Waah’ and in the process of clapping her hands, her dress exposed her black pant.

Zari Hassan black pant has made up roars online as social media users are wondering why she wore the black pant. But I think it was just one of the theme for the party because she was attending the Black Woman Union party.

And from the looks of things may be the other girls were also wearing something black for the theme. Later yesterday the goddess of Uganda has come to address the viral video and she has pointed out to those who were blasting her claiming they don’t have jobs so she gave them the job.

According to her, Zari hassan black pant trending was an issue and to her, she said because you cannot wear a white dress and a white pant. Are you normal if you wear that way. Let’s not forget she is fashion conscious.

Zari hassan black pant
Zari hassan, looking gorgeous
Photo: Zari the boss lady
Source: instagram

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